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43 is an independent, non-profit, skateboard magazine.


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we ship without any plastic packaging, using paper envelopes, paper tape, and cardboard.

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jan 2023 - we downsized the shop to stop paying to keep it up. there are still 5 items up,
but have a look on our main site and contact us if there's something you're looking for.


terms and conditions

it is best to purchase or order 43 from your local skate shop, book shop,
or distributor in your country.
this supports 43 the most, supporting the parties who support 43.

please wait 1 week before contacting us about your order.
(unless for a pre-order, which may be up to 3 months in advance of printing)
status inquiries slow everything down.

when you place an order, paypal sends you and us a confirmation.
you will not receive another confirmation from us.

orders are shipped within 10 days after we receive them.
prints may take longer.

the postal service takes time as well, especially for international shipping.
if you’re interested in express service, please contact us to pay extra for it.

if your order was returned to us undeliverable,
postage & handling will be due again before we mail again.

we do not sell subscriptions.
pre-orders ship straight off the press when an issue is done printing.
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